Hand-crafted writing that delivers that one-two punch.

Why do you want Branded Copy to make sure your content delivers a one-two punch? Because we give your business the royal writing treatment:

Free assessment of current content ranging from website pages and blog posts to email marketing and print materials.

A quick chat over coffee to discuss our game plan for re-working your current content and creating fresh content that sells. (Remote clients, no worries! We’ll Skype our way achieving your content marketing goals.)

Free sample blog post that will give you a feel for how we’ll write for your company.

Monthly content production that boosts SEO and converts readers into customers.

Social media marketing services that creates community with current and future customers alike.

Technical writing services that gives your business a professional edge.

Top notch customer service. Once you become our client, we consider ourselves a full-fledged member of your team.

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