3 Steps to Sharing Your Company’s Story Through Social Media


Your company, your brand…there’s a story there, right?

Maybe you’ve made something out of nothing or locally provide the best services in your industry. Maybe you go out of your way to donate some of your products to those in need in your community (and high five for that!).

Who wouldn’t want the world to know the positive light you and your business are shining?

But in order to spread your message the right way, you need to focus on two imperative facts:

  1. THE world is not necessarily YOUR world.
  2. How YOUR world responds to your message is is how your content needs to be delivered.

1.  Which world are you living in?

Who you are and what your brand does most likely applies to folks in your immediate sphere. Get to know them. Where are they hanging out online? What type of content are they posting? They have a specific style when it comes to sharing and absorbing content and you need to dig in and figure out how to align your story with that style.

2.  Find what works. Like a basket-full of cute kittens.

Have you narrowed down your consumers’ go-to social media networks, yet? Good.

Optimization may have changed in the past few years, broadening it’s reach across the interwebs, but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t tangible ways to promote your content to an audience that wants to read it.

My suggestion? Invest in a social media expert that understands your company and the WHY behind targeting the specific social media platforms that speak to your industry and your audience.

Too many times social media channels are set up for a business because they happen to be the latest and greatest thing to hit the web since that video of that kitten being adorable. Because it’s a kitten.

And honestly? That’s an incredible issue. Spreading yourself too think online isn’t working smarter, it’s working harder. But when you cultivate social media platforms that reach YOUR potential customers? Well, that’s worth more than basket full of cute kittens.

3.  But then again, sometimes things don’t work. And that’s okay.

Hate to say it, but in the act of trying reach your audience, you might just end up being the Wylie Coyote of online marketing. AND THAT’S OKAY…as long as you know when to say when.

Just like narrowing down your social media channels, narrowing down the RIGHT message takes just as much effort, and quite frankly, an eighteen wheeler’s worth of time. My thoughts? Find someone who understands content creation for YOUR industry and knows how to accurately represent your story.

The moral of the story.

When sharing who you are with the world, the wrong words just won’t cut it. Find someone who gets you and is a major proponent of how your company ticks.

Kittens for everyone!


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