How to use Wattpad to Grow Your Audience

I like to consider myself my very own guinea pig.

Case in point: I recently turned Tipsy Lit into an indie online publisher that uses Wattpad as its main distributor.

Why take that leap?

I believe in the power of positive results…

Because I believe in the power of positive results, and if you’ve taken a look around Wattpad lately, you’ll notice that publishing there directly results in getting reads.

The social platform for writers is teeming with readers (35 million and counting!) who are waiting to read and share your work.

Who doesn’t love that?

The Upside of Wattpad

So how else can this platform take your writing career to the next level?

  • Publishing through Wattpad means you’re publishing your book for free. People like free, and if you offer them a quality product, you can bet your backside they’ll end up being a paying customer for your next book.
  • Remember when I mentioned readers who want to share your work. Share buttons are available for every page in a work published on Wattpad, so imagine your readership exponentially growing when a fan shares your book via their personal social media channels.
  • Wattpad has an ingenious mobile app that allows you to read books on the site much like you would on your Kindle app. Easy page turning, starring and commenting to boot!
  • Networking through groups on the site is easy and puts you in touch with other authors – great for potential cross promotion.
  • Wattpad is a form of self-publishing which puts YOU in the driver’s seat. You have control of the finished product and can publish a work in relatively little time, putting your book in the hands of readers ASAP.

Tipsy Lit has already published a few works through our Wattpad account, and we’ve already collectively received hundreds of reads, not to mention meaningful comments from engaged readers who are wanting to read more.

I have to say, sometimes, it pays to be a guinea pig.


Love free? I have a gift for you.


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