What Branded Copy can do for you.

For the past several years, I’ve dedicated myself to the arts of copywriting and brand marketing for businesses.

By chatting over coffee via Skype, I can create a custom marketing strategy for your brand, widening your audience and delivering your content into the hands of experience info sharers.

How does it work? Easy peasy:

We chat over coffee via Skype to discuss our game plan for re-working your current marketing strategy and creating a fresh new story that sells.

I’ll deliver a proposal for the changes that need to be made plus a sample blog post that will give you a feel for how I’ll write for your company.

I’ll then go into content production mode, creating website and social media copy that will knock socks, hats, and all kinds of accessories right off! 

And wait – there’s more! Depending on your industry, I’ll give you outside-the-box ideas that will boost your following and create a community around your brand.


And don’t get me started on customer service. Once you’re my client, I become a member of your family. So get that seat ready for me at the Thanksgiving table, capiche?


So ready to make your words count? Use the form to the right to say “hi” and schedule a Skype chat with yours truly! Get that coffee cup ready!